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We pride ourselves at People’s Park Tavern on being a bit weird and wonderful and we like that to convey to our beers as well.  Our onsite brewery, the “Brew Lab”, is the hub for everything that is a bit left of center when it comes to brewing so we pump out some cracking brews from tropical sours to double IPAs.


Twisted Lips - Sour Series  (Keg)  4.5%

Twisted Lips is our sour series branding and will change seasonally.  Our current verison is a palate cleansing Lemon and Lime Gose which has had hours of painstaking zesting of the fruits to make sure you get a citrus mouth explosion.

Neon Angel - Crazy Strong Series (Keg) 8% and over

The Neon Angel series is our strong crazy series of beers with the first being a 9.1% double IPA.  The current version is a DRIPA….a what?!  It’s a Double Rye Indian Pale Ale.  The right, double the rye, double the hops, double the booze! Get ready to be blown away.

Coco IPA (Keg & Cask)

Another new one from our Brew Lab, we made a crazy hoppy IPA then roasted off a pile of cocoa nibs and put them in the boil giving us a lovely balance of hoppiness, bitterness and sweetness.  

Salted Caramel Porter (Keg & Cask)

Like it says on the box, this is a porter with a salted caramel flavour.  The salt is very subtle at the start then you get a wonderful sweetness of caramel wash over your palate to leave a nice lingering finish.

Single Hop Series (Cask)   

This series allows us to experiment with the characteristics of a single hop.  We choose the ABV and style to suit the hop. Some examples of hops we have used are:

 - Brambling Cross:  English berry flavours
 - Simcoe: Piney and red berry flavours
 - Galaxy: Intense and tangy passionfruit
 - Sorachi Ace: Coconut, pine and bubblegum. All sorts of craziness!

People’s Pale Ale (Cask)   3.4%

This Pale Ale is our simple yet refreshing lower-alcohol beer.  Bitterness and sweetness are balanced and the hops rest gently on the palate.

Red Empire (Keg & Cask)   4.4%

Sweet caramel and toffee flavours are achieved through the malted barley that is also responsible for the red hue.  Powerful American hops are layered on top to add even more complexity and the bitterness is desperately trying to tame the alcohol levels.  This beer is big, complex and red.



We have a whopping 50 barrel hub brewery based in the South Downs, which is brewing up some of your favourite cold ones!

Source, Pale Ale (Keg) 4.1%

A beer for everyday that is not an everyday beer! Packed full of hoppy flavours and aromas and backed up with a gentle maltiness.  Dangerously drinkable.

Ripper, Session IPA (Keg) 4.9%

A hop bomb without the booze, delivering flavour in abundance. Grapefruit, fresh citrus and touch of forest pine. Bitter, but balanced.

Revelator, IPA (Keg) 6.1%

A full on IPA. A bit like head butting a fruit bowl! Masive flavours of peach, melon and citrus.  Operatic

Word, Lager (Keg) 4.4%

A real lager, not a Pale Ale by another name. Not a mass priduced bottle of fizz.  A well balanced, beautifully made, fully refreshing lager.

Bestest, Best Bitter (Cask) 4.3%

Welcoming and moreish, with flavours of malt loaf and biscuit. A supporting streak of bitterness from the British hops and a whiff of floral lift. Friendly.

Dubloon, Golden Ale (Cask) 4.2%

Floral and juicy. Full of citrus flavours from the finest US hops and deliciously refreshing. It brings the sun on a cloudy day. Delightful.